Puglia Wedding Experience

Historically, Puglia has always been a place that unites people, traditions, and languages. It’s the land where the sea, the beautiful ‘Trulli’ and ‘Masserie’ lay. Puglia offers genuine and culturally rich cuisine and music, art and hospitality.
Puglia is the land of weddings.


Wedding & Services in Puglia

Sublimae is an innovative wedding planning project carried out in Puglia by a team of professionals. Puglia is our land: we have always lived and worked here, we know all its secrets and nuances. We are destination weddings experts embracing couples from all over the world…

Wedding Planner in Puglia


Nowadays Puglia has become a highly sought-after wedding destination by couples traveling from all over the world. Puglia is a region that will offer you unforgettable experiences thanks to an uncountable number of dreamy locations: from old towns and historic market squares to castles, beautiful sea sides and traditional Masserie whose white stoned architecture shines in the sunny countryside.

A wedding in Puglia is not just another event, from it you can expect impeccable service.



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