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Se marier dans les Pouilles: expérience de la vie dans les Pouilles

Chosen by Dior and D&G for their advertising campaigns and also mentioned by the columns of the New York Times, The Guardian and Lonely Planet, as tourist destination par excellence and of the Apulian wedding. All literally crazy for Puglia. The Hollywood of Southern Italy. Getting married in APulia is « very chic », trendy and glamorous.

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A territory that has gain its identity, rich in shades, charming that has earned the appellative of « Luxury Wedding Valley« .

Always a land of welcome and hospitality. A territory with a millenary history and a mix of cultures and ancient traditions. Landing point of many Mediterranean cultures that have left signs of their ancient passage here.

Puglia enchants with its beauty and its natural wonders. Heritage trees sculpted by thousands of years that extend towards the skyline, endless expanses of white beaches and crystal clear sea with turquoise shades that shine in the sun. Puglia enters inside, seduces, embraces. It is a life experience to live.

Who chooses the apulia destination wedding, choose to explore and get to know a place of the soul hidden in a corner of paradise. Living Apulia is to capture the essence of this land, the unique lifestyle that cannot be found in other parts of the world, with its rhythms and its ancient traditions.
A sensory journey to discover ancient flavors and smells now lost, natural and genuine products that can only be found in these rural landscapes made of dry stone walls, white trulli and prickly pears.

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The ideal place to get married because it is a romantic and passionate land. Ancient medieval castles, huge masserie, luxurious noble villas and geometric trulli made of white stone are the perfect movie set for any love story.

Getting married in Puglia means living Puglia because « Puglia is a state of mind« .

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