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We offer the best catering service for wedding organization in Puglia.

Land of food and wine excellence and melting pot of inimitable and traditional flavours. Puglia is a kaleidoscope of colours. From the yellow ocher of the durum wheat of its lands, the heel of Italy shines in the green of the centuries-old olive trees, shines in the white of the ancient stone trulli and is immersed in the blue of its sea.

Here in Puglia we guarantee you an unforgettable food experience with a unique and refined flavour. A real journey into taste and traditions. The scent of freshly baked bread, the delicacy of extra virgin olive oil, the freshness and simplicity of homemade pasta will give a unique and original touch to your delicious wedding banquet.

You will be accompanied on this pleasant journey into the world of catering in Puglia by our expert consultants. We will choose the most suitable menu to delight your guests’ palates.

Sea or land menu, buffet, lunch or dinner according to your ideal choice. Thanks to the unique authenticity and goodness that this land offers, your wedding banquet will be perfect. The secret lies in the choice of zero kilometer products from this magnificent region.

We will help you choose whether to opt for a meat or fish-based menu. This will obviously be dictated by the position of the chosen location: for a restaurant with a sea view the most obvious decision falls on a fish menu (freshly caught in the crystal clear waters of Puglia) while if the wedding banquet takes place in one of the wonderful farmhouses of the hinterland, a land menu is more suitable, the products of which come directly from the company.

We put the culinary flair of the best catering chefs in Puglia at your disposal. Every detail will be taken care of with style and elegance. Refined arrangements, tailored table linens and quality service will give prestige and prestige to your ceremony.

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