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Old Town Wedding

Land of ancient traditions, Puglia is famous for its old towns. These are little hubs (sometimes medieval) where churches, houses, fortifications, villas and palaces are separated from little roads.

These locations are often forgotten but with a rich history, enhanced by paved streets where artisan boutiques keep the customs and traditions of old times alive.
An old town often offers a church where it is possible to celebrate the religious ceremony: very characteristic traditional churches. A wedding in the old town often reproduces and enhances customs and traditions. Therefore, you might feel transported back to a different era as you will experience and perceive the historical uniqueness of this part of Italy.

This type of wedding is enhanced by the beauty of the location and the uniqueness of the traditional food from Puglia. Traditional meals that were once considered ‘humble’ are completely reinvented and they represent the key part of the rich buffet.

Puglia’s gastronomic vocation, authentic and genuine, is the subject of the event, going back to Puglia’s origins, authentic local flavours and ingredients.

This should not trick you: these foods and buffet are high quality, often more appreciated than gourmet cuisine.
For example, think about the cheesemaker who offers you freshly made and still warm mozzarellas, or the sizzling sound of freshly made panzerotti, or the fisherman table offering fresh local fish readily available to you and your guests to enjoy.

OLD TOWN WEDDING- Recommendations

In order to plan everything as efficiently as possible it is useful to know the venue chosen perfectly, and therefore visit the location at different times to verify that everything is organised well.

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