Wedding planner in Puglia

Over the years we have perfected our ability to understand our clients‘ needs and expectations, especially if the couple has never been to Puglia before.

There are uncountable and diverse venues and styles, all of which are incredibly dreamy and magical.

Fundamentally, Puglia is our land: we have always lived and worked here, we know all its secrets and nuances.
We consider planning weddings a true art form.

A capable wedding planner is a discrete mediator, a precise and attentive planner, someone who assures that each part of this experience is presented flawlessly. A wedding planner is an advisor and aesthete, who focuses and engages in both form and substance.

It is a challenging but very rewarding effort undertaken over months: knowledge and experience are key elements to prevent mistakes and achieve satisfying results.

With Sublimae Wedding Planner Puglia you won’t have to worry about anything. We plan the wedding in detail and offer various ideas and solutions that perfectly suit your tastes: from the location and venue to the music and entertainment, from various foods and cuisines to the florist and flower design, from the reception to everything that is needed to assure a magical and emotional impact.

All you have to do is to enjoy

each moment of this dream.


The role of the wedding planner

“What does a wedding planner do?” Even if it appears as a simple question, the answer to the latter changes every time depending on the occasion.

This unpredictability is one of the reasons why we do what we do with enthusiasm and excitement.Following are the five key phases defining the role of the wedding planner.

Our team

and its trusted partners

Giacomo Rizzo, CEO and manager of Sublimae: he coordinates a heterogeneous team made of professionals qualified in the wedding sector. Before Sublimae- Wedding and Services in Puglia- Giacomo used to manage the planning of high-quality beach resorts in Puglia, and he organised events for some of the most important Italian agencies. His uncountable skills such as his creativity and attentiveness have enabled him to build strong relationships with popular partners on a national level such as Wedding Italy.

Chiara Schulz, our highly motivated young assistant born in Germany but with an Italian mother from Puglia, offers attentiveness stemming from her German background and romanticised input and emotional connection to Puglia from her Italian roots. She obtained a BA in History and has mastered English and German. Since 2017, Chiara has become a pivotal part of our team. Couples appreciate her calm and ability to work under pressure, which becomes particularly useful when problem solving skills are required as well as her passion and care for children.

Rosy Gentile, our dynamic young professional born and raised in Monopoli, Puglia. Rosy is particularly fond of romantic details, which often show her empathetic character and attention. She speaks Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and Italian as she has always shown passion and interest in languages. Couples enjoy Rosy’s help and sparkly personality as well as her strong work ethic. She has lived in Poland as well as Portugal over the past years, which has enriched her appreciation for different cultures.

wedding italy partner sublimae

Sublimae is WeddingItaly® in Puglia. WeddingItaly® was founded in 1999 and it plans weddings in Italy for couples from all over the world, from Venice to Tuscany, from Lake Como to the Amalfi Coast. Now with Giacomo Rizzo’s participation, soul of Sublimae, the most popular team of wedding planners in Italy also operates in Puglia! Sublimae and WeddingItaly® represent a winning joint venture, where 20 years’ worth of wedding planning experience meets an intimate knowledge of Puglia.