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by the Sea

Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, picturesque views: this wedding theme is one of the most highly sought-after wedding experiences by couples all over the world.

The reasons behind this are clear: indescribable beauty, incomparable settings. The sea in Puglia is the heart of the region, representing a site to cultivate inner peace. The waves, the sand, the warm and luminous sun are elements that create a strongly emotional setting.

A wedding by the sea evokes strong emotions. Think about the romanticism of a wedding in Polignano, or about the freedom felt through a barefoot wedding in one of the evocative sandy beaches in Monopoli, or about a party below the stars in the splendid Savelletri. The incomparable food (a truly unforgettable experience in itself), heightened by high-quality wines from around the world, with ambient music, only steps away from the Mediterranean seaside and below a starry sky. The mood never changes: freedom, fun, romance.

WEDDING BY THE SEA- some recommendations

It’s no accident that the number of wedding venues in Puglia has been increasing exponentially over the past years.

Some of them are extraordinary, unique and elegant locations that combine thorough and detailed planning with the uniqueness of the territory.

Choosing from many options is not a decision that should be made lightly. The decision of the wedding theme should be thought through as any potential mistakes want to be avoided. A wedding by the sea should be planned in detail, with the help of professionals and experts, who can help you in making good decisions: only then the event will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

The weather should not be underestimated for a wedding by the sea: it is true that showers and thunders are rare in Puglia, especially in the summer, but it is always useful to have a Plan B; an equally enjoyable alternative.

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