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Boho Chic

Less formal, smarter and vivacious, classy and elegant. It is no accident that the wedding theme- country chic- is becoming one of the most popular choices among spouses from all over the world. The countryside and the Masseria become the unquestionable subject of this type of wedding, merging luxury with rustic settings. It is a truly spectacular and extraordinary experience.

Here, the splendid white structures of Puglia shine: masserie are superbly renovated structures, surrounded by Mediterranean style gardens, wheat fields and immaculate nature. Over the past fifth teen years, these structures have become part of Puglia’s heritage, encapsulating history and fascination. The open and wide spaces of these structures make the location ideal for an elegant and classy wedding. For example, think about the trestle tables in royal courts of old, where relatives and guests can share lunches and lavish dinners. Think about the lighting design across the tables that enhance the poetic character of the setting.

The country chic wedding will become memorable for its elegance, simplicity, and the sense of freedom permeating the guests.


Masserie offer very versatile spaces around which the wedding banquet can be organised. The wide outdoor open spaces are ideal for weddings in the spring or in the summer.

In a bohemian wedding, Boho chic, natural elements such as flowers, plants, and wood are key to the design of the setting. Predominant colours are subtle such as white, beige, brown, lavender or green; the materials used reflect the idea of countryside (twine, wood, hay). The colours, the views, and Puglia’s landscapes enhance the charm of the masseria and its surroundings, pieces of art.

Puglia offers countless options such as masserie and villas with century-old olive groves, old towns, castles. Together, we will find a solution that meets your style and merges with your idea of a perfect wedding in Puglia.

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