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Getting married in Puglia: 5 reasons for an Apulian wedding

All crazy for Puglia. From New York to London, the entire world wants it. This country has taken the top position on the podium of the international destination wedding. Why?
Here are 5 good reasons to getting married in Puglia!

Wedding Location

The crystal waters of Salento are the perfect wedding venue for exclusive beach weddings in Puglia. The green expanses of olive groves and white trulli of the Itria Valley offer truly unique naturalistic sceneries.

Nature is the real protagonist that gives magic and enchantment to every wedding.

Getting married in Puglia for good food

In Apulia it is possible to find ancient tastes that cannot be found in other parts of the world.
Food is a sensory experience of pleasure, a unique and indescribable gourmet pleasure.

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History &Tradition

The history of this country comes to life in all its artistic and architectural beauty. Puglia is in the heart of the Mediterranean, the gateway to the East. A melting pot of peoples, cultures and traditions mixed together over the centuries.

A fusion of history, peoples and cultures present in the ancient medieval castles, in the Spanish fortified towers located along the coasts of the Italian region, and in the noble French villas now exclusive locations of luxury life style.



High quality of the services

Wedding in Puglia is an authentic masterpiece. Every detail is taken care of with accuracy and precision to create a magical and unforgettable event. Here are the best wedding photographers and the most creative videomakers.

The high quality of Apulian tailoring is appreciated and known all over the world.
Puglia offers a high experience and quality of services and organization.


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Land of hospitality par excellence. In Puglia you feel immediately at home surrounded by the heat of the people of the South.

Spending a few days in Puglia means adopting a new lifestyle. Less frenetic, more slow.
Discover hidden corners of natural paradise on a bike and get lost walking in the small stone streets of the medieval towns.

Living, in short, an authentic Apulian life experience.

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