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Digital Wedding

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Car rent

Arriving in the right car on your wedding day is a lot of fun. A refined and elegant car for a traditional style wedding.Luxury cars for sporty couples and lovers of roaring engines. Are you an alternative and non-conformist spouse? Well, a wedding on two wheels aboard the unforgettable 60s Vespa in “Roman Holiday” style […]

Wedding Flowers

Every wedding has its own story to tell. Flowers speak of love, passion and distant lands. Each flower has a specific meaning, each flower represents something hidden. Carefully choosing your bouquet, the flowers for the ceremony and the floral decorations for the location can make the difference in making a cheerful and colorful ceremony. The […]

Wedding Photo & Video

This amazing day should be captured in time and immortalised! For this reason, we closely collaborate with experts in photography and video capable to capture and immortalise every moment genuinely in order allow you to relive this amazing time and experience in the future. Do you want more information about our services?Contact us and we […]

Catering And Banqueting

We offer the best catering service for wedding organization in Puglia. Land of food and wine excellence and melting pot of inimitable and traditional flavours. Puglia is a kaleidoscope of colours. From the yellow ocher of the durum wheat of its lands, the heel of Italy shines in the green of the centuries-old olive trees, […]

Music and Entertainment

Planning a wedding in Puglia also entails providing the guests and the newlyweds with the right entertainment. We offer a vast variety of music and entertainment: from various customs and traditions such as ‘Pizzica’ dancers to moments including international music. Our aim is to foster positive, warm and welcoming environments for you and your guests. […]